Holy Souls Sodality

Hop to It

by Staff

A Jesuit formator who guided me in my spiritual journey before I joined the Marian Fathers had a favorite saying. It was, "HOP to it!"
By "HOP," he meant "humility," "obedience," and "poverty."

In Death, an Opportunity

by Fr. Dan Cambra, MIC

This month we wish to share with you a powerful story from a Marian Helper from Kansas, Kristen Kurth. As the Holy Souls Sodality continues our year dedicated to St. Joseph, Kristen's testimony proves again the intercessory power of this patron of a happy death.

My father, Glen Kurth, was born in western Kansas in 1925. He was baptized in a Protestant church and raised Christian. After getting married, he and my mother, Marion, tried a number of Protestant churches, but they never stayed with any of them for very long.

Terror of Demons: An Explanation

by Fr. Dan Cambra, MIC

In last month's newsletter, we published a prayer that included the title of St. Joseph as "Terror of Demons." I wish to take a moment to explain that title.

Firstly, what is terror? I prefer to define terror as the "opposite of hope," a condition that stems from lack of trust that God loves you and wills what's best for you.


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