Holy Souls Sodality

A Model of Manhood

by Fr. Dan Cambra, MIC

In my recent travels giving parish missions, I've encountered groups who call themselves The Men of St. Joseph. I met them in Vermont and also in Mobile, Alabama, where the group has its headquarters.

I love seeing this. I love seeing men discovering — or rediscovering (whatever the case may be) — their traditional and indispensable role in their families, communities, and parishes. After all, we live in an age that's confused about manhood and masculinity. When we turn to St. Joseph as a model, our society stands to strengthen itself.

A World Wide Web of 'Miracles'

by Christopher Kronen

PING! My phone chimed. I swiped open LetGo, an app for buying and selling used goods. Someone was interested in the car sunshade I'd posted. I coordinated a time and place to meet the buyer. Meanwhile, my mind wandered to my father. Adolph — or Molly, as I used to call him (a mispronunciation of a German word for "chubby). A hard-working, practical Austrian immigrant, Dad would've been proud I'd taken the initiative to sell something I no longer needed.

Are You Hearing Wedding Bells?

by Fr. Dan Cambra, MIC

It's June. Let's talk about love. This is the month of wedding bells and holy matrimony, after all. It's the month of brides and grooms and polished silverware; of hopes and dreams and unbound optimism.

Not to throw a greasy monkey wrench into the wedding cake, but marriage can be one of humankind's most difficult undertakings.

How 'X' Marks the Spot

By Fr. Dan Cambra, MIC

I often hear from Marian Helpers who, in an attempt to be helpful or perhaps out of sheer confusion, point to entry 374 in the Diary of Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska and say, "Father, I think I found a typo."

We Marian Fathers are the publishers of the Diary, so presumably, I'd be in a position to do something about this alleged typo. The only thing is, that's no typo.


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