Led back to the Rosary

It happens to most people at some point: Our prayer life can hit a dry spell. Over the summer, I (Fr. Dan Cambra, MIC) got a phone call from a Holy Souls Sodality member, Dr. Robert Kulo of Apache Junction, Arizona. He had recently emerged from an astounding 20-year "spiritual valley," during which time he could not bring himself to pray the Holy Rosary. He told me a beautiful story about how our Sodality played a part in his renewal in this powerful daily prayer. I'll let him tell you in his own words:

One day, not too long ago, I received a "Pray the Rosary Daily" pamphlet with the Sodality newsletter. It had the picture of Our Lady of Fatima on the cover, and the contents were the Mysteries of the Rosary in picture form with explanations and a little prayer on the opposite page.

I had been in a spiritual valley for more than 20 years. I never said the Rosary. I said regular morning and evening prayers, meal prayers, but as far as having a holy hour like I used to have and praying the Rosary, I just couldn't do it. As much as I tried and tried, it never happened.

Until the day when I saw that photo of Our Lady of Fatima. And immediately, without a moment to spare, immediately I got the Rosary and started to pray again.

For many years, the Rosary had been a very important part of my life. And then I lost it. I don't know how. I used to recite litanies for the living and the dead. I had reams of paper of all the people whom I prayed litanies for. And then all of a sudden it went dead and it remained that way, as I said, for about 20 years — until I saw that picture of Our Lady of Fatima.

Now, I have seen other pictures of Our Lady of Fatima. I love Our Lady of Fatima. But this one (I don't know why) simply captivated me and brought me closer to Divine Mercy.

Then, the Sodality's June issue talked about the Pope giving us the opportunity to say the Chaplet of Divine Mercy or the Holy Rosary to get a plenary indulgence every day. I was so taken with that cause, that I went to our parish office, had copies made, and sent them to all the people I know and to priests from various locations.

It's interesting how the word has spread. In one parish in Nevada, they copied it and distributed it to their parishioners and to an adjoining church. And then they made more copies to bring to prisoners. And it's been spreading like that ever since.

Also, I have enrolled many people in the Sodality. And I received a call from one of them, who happens to be a retired religious sister. And she said, "It never occurred to me to pray for the Holy Souls in Purgatory." What! I was astonished. But she also said, "Since I've received the enrollment from you, I'm now including in my prayer, prayers for the Holy Souls in Purgatory."

We have to spread the word! The Holy Father has granted this indulgence to us. I have many priest friends. Some say nothing or they shrug their shoulders. I think to myself, "My gosh! What a gift from God a plenary indulgence is!" Then, there are other priests who thank me for sending me a copy of the June issue, and they say they're going to spread the word in their parish.

I feel very thankful to God and Our Lady for bringing me to the Marians way back when.

Getting back into the prayer life that I used to have is so refreshing. It just makes it so much more loving every day when I say it. I use that booklet every day when I pray the Rosary, and it has been a very beautiful part of my life. When you put your life in the hands of God, and you tell Him, "Whatever You will, I will follow You," it becomes wonderful.

I guess sometimes we can get into a spiritual dive, a valley, and we just can't get out of it. Our Lady is working very hard with me, and she's won. And I'm so grateful to her for that.

I'm overjoyed that Dr. Robert called to tell me how many souls have benefitted from his responsiveness to our newsletter and the "Pray the Rosary Daily" pamphlet.

You never know what sharing one small pamphlet will do!