'Little Things' Have Ripple Effect

by Staff

"We don't think that it's that big of a deal," said Fr. Dan Cambra, MIC, at this year's Mercy for Souls Conference, Sept. 8. "But it is those little things that each one of us does that helps build up the Body of Christ."

At last year's conference, Fr. Dan had given a prayer card to a Holy Souls Sodality member named Paula Callahan of Whitesboro, New York. At this year's conference, she told him how she now inspires others by handing out prayer cards and knitted "prayer squares." He invited Paula to the microphone to share her story. She said:

I go around and see people who are ill in the hospital. I'm a retired nurse, and where else does a retired nurse hang out! I ordered these wonderful cards, and I make these [prayer squares]. Anybody who knits, you can find it online. It's a pocket cloth, and it has a cross on it. A sign with it says, "Carry in honor of Jesus." And sometimes they just hold it. Because they're scared. But I've seen people who haven't even been to church in years cry when they saw the Face of Jesus and the prayer in the back. So, it may not sound like a big thing — anything you do to visit the sick — but please visit them. They're so scared. I also make Rosary beads — plastic ones — because they're afraid to bring their good one in. So, I wanted to give Father this [prayer square] for inspiring me.