Prayers, Masses and Sacrifices

Offer prayers and light candles

Ask the Marians to pray for a special intention (For living or deceased)  by calling the Marian Prayerline. Every intention is individually prayed for, and they are placed near the altar of the Our Lady of Mercy Oratory to be remembered during daily Mass. Access this toll-free 24-hour service at 1-800-804-3823 or through our online prayer request.

The Marians also can light a 7-day candle for your intention.   Light a candle now.

Request Individual and Gregorian Masses

Send intentions for daily Masses for the Holy Souls

Enroll someone now.

Become a Patron of the Holy Souls Sodality

As a Sodality sponsor you are committing to taking an active part in helping the Marians by your deeds and financial support to educate the faithful on the urgent need to pray for the Holy souls in purgatory. Sponsorship allows the Marians to create and publish educational material and to offer a monthly newsletter to help the sodality Sponsors grow in their knowledge and understanding of Purgatory and learn how to act as emissaries of the Marians in spreading this teaching. The Sodality sponsors will have the additional benefits of a daily Mass offered solely for the Sodality Sponsors and their intentions which can currently include up to 15 souls. Sponsors are also automatically included in the intentions of the Daily Mass, for the duration of the Sodality, if they decease during their membership. Please consider joining and helping us in this ministry.   Join Now.

Please help us start a groundswell of prayers to release the deserving Holy Souls, especially those who have no one to pray for them.

Perform Practices and Devotions

Enroll in the Association of Marian Helpers and send an enrollment card

To have souls of the departed remembered in the Marian’s prayers and a collective daily Mass, enroll them in the Association of Marian Helpers. This Spiritual Benefit Society draws upon the graces earned by the Marians from their daily prayers, sacrifices and good works around the world. Linked with the prayers of the Living Members of the Association this forms a powerful intercessory effort for these special intentions.   Enroll someone now.