An Act of Mercy for Souls Suffering in Purgatory

Immaculate Mary, Mother of Mercy, who saw the sacred body of Your beloved Son raised on the Cross, looked at the soil soaked with His Blood, and were present at His cruel death, we offer you, most Holy Mother, the souls suffering in purgatory, and we beg you to be so kind as to look upon them with your merciful eyes and ask for their release from their torments. In order to receive your forgiveness, O Immaculate Mother, we sincerely and heartily forgive all those who have insulted us, and through your intercession, we beg Jesus to grant them every goodness, grace, and blessing in exchange for the wrong they did to us or wished upon us. Through your hands, O Holy Virgin, we offer to the Lord this act of love, asking His mercy for the souls that are being purged. Amen.