A message from Fr. Kaz Chwalek, MIC

Life quickly passes by. Too often the moment of death comes unexpectedly and too often we are not fully ready to meet Our All-Holy and Merciful God.

When a car accident took away the life of my mother in this moment of grief I was deeply consoled when I found out that a priest anointed her before she died. Then out of love for her my family members and friends requested many Masses for the repose of her soul. Knowing the saving power that flows from these Masses gave me and my family much peace. We knew that the Lord would grant her eternal rest and unite her with Him.

My family and I understood that our prayer of intercession along with our acts of love, and above all, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass assisted our mother in her purification from any form of stain of sin or imperfection that was with her. We wished to offer Christ's Sacrifice on the Cross, that is made present by the celebration of the Mass, to flow with an immeasurable stream of grace upon our mother. Such grace of redeeming and purifying love of God flows in a special way upon those for whom the Mass is offered.

As a priest I have received many requests to offer Masses for departed loved ones and even those not known by name. There are many who die in natural and man-made disasters, in tsunamis, hurricanes, earthquakes, epidemics, on highways, on battlegrounds or under heavy sedation. That is why our need to intercede and offer Masses for those who have died is so important. Please join us in assisting all the departed to reach heaven and attain perfect union with our Loving God.