Purgatory Is Necessary Purification

At the General Audience of Wednesday 4 August 1999, following his catecheses on heaven and hell, the Holy Father Pope John Paul  II reflected on Purgatory. He explained that physical integrity is necessary to enter into perfect communion with God therefore "the term purgatory does not indicate a place, but a condition of existence," where Christ "removes … the remnants of imperfection."

Hop to It

While recently reading the new Marian Press book, After Suicide: There's Hope for Them and for You, Fr. Dan Cambra, MIC, was reminded of a saying from a formator of his. With that in mind, Fr. Dan shares an excerpt from the new book.

What Can You Do for the Souls in Purgatory?

Watch Fr. Dan Cambra's full talk at the Ninth Annual Mercy for Souls Conference.

In Death, an Opportunity

At this point, he didn't have faith in an afterlife. She spoke to him again about becoming Catholic. But as usual, he just laughed and said "no." So she kept praying.

Terror of Demons: An Explanation

Saint Joseph is known as the "Terror of Demons." What does this title mean? Find out here.

A Model of Manhood

If you want to see what true manhood looks like, look no further than this man. Societies crumble without men like him.

A World Wide Web of 'Miracles'

His dad died in 2016. But a stranger than strange coincidence reminded him that death isn't the end of our relationship with our loved ones. Read about it here.

Are You Hearing Wedding Bells?

Let's talk about love — about infinite love, the love that transcends the temporal, that's beyond mere feelings and desires.

How 'X' Marks the Spot

Saint Faustina and St. Joseph are spiritual kin in the exem­plary way they sought to do the will of God. Through them, we get a glimpse of the spiritual blueprints to sanctification and everlasting life.

'We Must Pray for the Deceased'

The tragic death of Teresa's beloved son Steven led her to have a devotion to praying for the Holy Souls.

Tuned to Our Temporal Needs

t's no wonder that devotion to St. Joseph stands as a thoroughly practical endeavor. Father Dan Cambra, MIC, the spiritual director of the Holy Souls Sodality, likes to think of St. Joseph as our "handyman in Heaven."

Purgatory and Psalm 130

Learn about St. Perpetua and why she's what Fr. Dan Cambra, MIC, calls a "Purgatory mystic."

Is Purgatory in the Eye of the Beholder?

Father Dan Cambra, MIC, addresses why some saints' view of Purgatory differ.

Remember the Holy Souls in November

November traditionally is the month of prayer for the Holy Souls in Purgatory. Did you know that the Founder of the Marian Fathers had an extraordinary devotion of praying for the Holy Souls in Purgatory?

'The Most Powerful Weapon in Our Spiritual Arsenal'

What do you need to do to avoid Purgatory all together? Find out from Fr. Dan Cambra who spoke at the 8th Annual Mercy for Souls Conference.

Grabbing Hold of a 'Bucket List'

A member of the Holy Souls Sodality is making friends in Heaven by adding everyone she's ever known who has passed away to a "bucket list" of intercessory prayer.

Why Did Jesus Descend into Hell?

While to our modern ears "hell" has come to represent the fiery realm of the damned, in Scripture — and in the Creed — the "hell" in question held both the righteous and evil "while they await the redeemer."

Our Duty of Mercy

Why we should remember in our prayers the Holy Souls, especially during November.

The Month of Remembrance

What is the greatest torment for the souls in Purgatory? And what shall the rest of us do about it?

In a Crisis, Call on the Holy Souls

We are members of the Mystical Body of Christ. In the face of evil, we are never alone.